Mr. Neinchel originally wrote this software strictly for his own use and never intended to share it with anybody.  At that time the only format available was DOS, not Windows.  Even after the arrival of Windows, which allowed several programs to be active simultaneously (multi-tasking), DOS remained the dominant operating system for years.

Since the math in his program gave instant decision-making answers about price that were impossible by all other methods (and still is), he wrote it as a simple-to-understand negotiating tool which, he quickly discovered, was extremely convincing when used live in the presence of the person(s) he was trying to influence.  The DOS format allowed him to carry the software with him on a floppy disk in his pocket to the office or home of a potential customer or client and load it into the memory of their computer in a few seconds without the complications of a formal installation.

He did that because he discovered that owners were far more likely to believe the resulting purchase price if they themselves typed the numbers about their property into their own computer, than if Mr. Neinchel did it for them on his own computer in his office!

For that very important reason, he has kept it in the portable DOS format, to be used as a very powerful negotiating tool by anyone.  The program had been shipped on a mini-CD in its own jewel case the same size as a floppy disk, which could conveniently be carried in a shirt pocket.  The DOS format is simplicity itself and works well on every Windows computer, including WindowsXP.  Besides, function is infinitely more important than format, and it performs the most important function in investment real estate.  It answers the ultimate question asked by every prudent investor, but which could never before be determined with any confidence  --  the most he should pay to obtain the yield he must have for the risks he faces.

This software is NOT like all other income property software, which first require you to enter some purchase price, after which they use simplistic arithmetic to generate an extensive analysis based on that price.  Instead, it does what none of them can do, or even attempts to do:  It requires you to first determine, using simple guidelines, the annual yield (IRR) you should demand from the property for the risks you face.  Of course, the process provides simple but sensible guidelines which mandate that the yield (IRR) must ALWAYS be greater than the interest rate on the loan you are borrowing to purchase the property.  Then, after entering the raw property data, the patent pending math process built into the software computes, with absolute mathematical certainty, the maximum purchase price that will generate that yield (IRR).

It even allows you to enter wild what-if speculation data about income and expenses, and will still compute a resulting price (if mathematically possible) that will generate that yield while incorporating that wild data.

There are three screens that require data input and only one screen that tells the whole resulting picture.  Therefore, there is no need for an extensive printout, although those screens can be printed.

The software has been tested, and tested again, and redesigned over the years to be so simple to use, that even senior citizens who have never before even touched a computer, actually computed values for income properties in less than 3 minutes at public demonstrations where professional MAI appraisers in attendance tried, but could not dispute the resulting values!!

Although the functionality of this software is clearly described on the home page of this Web site, it has been restated here to remind you to exercise your second thoughts BEFORE you purchase the software rather than after.

This software is IBM/Windows compatible only.  It includes a very instructive operating manual and a master worksheet from which copies are made.  There is no demonstration disk.

The internet price for the software is $75.00 U.S.

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